80g/80g Grilled prawns served with ratatouille vegetables and fresh baguette 9,90 €
80g Bryndza mousse with marinated beetroot and spelt bread 4,90 €
150g Beef tartar, served with either dry toast or oily toast 14,90 €
  (not recommended for children, pregnant women,women who are breast feeding and people with low immune system)  


0,33 l Chicken broth with homemade noodles, vegetables and jurky meat 2,90€
0,33 l Cream of mushroom with potato 3,50€
0,33 l Seasonal soup  

Main courses

180g/150g Grilled supreme of corn chicken served with grilled vegetables and herb butter 9,90€
180g/200g Pork tenderloin wrapped in potato dough served with potato and onion mash, and marinated beetroot 10,90€
180g/200g Herbed chicken breast in a parmesan crust served with baked sweet potato 7,90€
180g/200g Beef cheeks in cream served with homemade dumplings 9,90€
180g/200g Pork cutlet with mushroom gnocchi, herb butter and demi-glace sauce 8,90€
180g/200g Veal schnitzel with steak fries 13,90€
180g/200g Fried cheese with buttered baby potatoes and tartare sauce 6,90€


200g Fillet steak 19,90€
250g Ribeye steak 17,90€
200g Pork tenderloin steak 7,90€
200g Flank steak 15,90€
  (sauces are included with all steaks)  


300g Gnocchi with riccotta cheese, baby spinach and garlic 6,90€
300g Tagliatelle with chicken meat and vegetables in a creamy white wine sauce 7,90€
300g Creamy mushroom risotto with parmesan 9,90€


150g/180g Freshwater fish served with creamy dill baby potatoes 13,90 €
150g/180g Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables and lime butter 13,90 €


300g Grilled halloumi, with vegetable leaf and marinated beetroot 6,90€
300g Prawns in breadcrumbs with vegetable leaf and sweet chilli dressing 9,90€
200g Small seasonal salad 3,90€

Side dishes

200g Steamed rice 1,90€
200g Baby potatoes 1,90€
200g Steak fries 2,20€
200g Baked sweet potato 2,50€
200g Grilled vegetables 4,20€
200g Steamed vegetables with lime butter 3,50€


60g Demi-glace 1,90€
60g Mushroom sauce 1,90€
60g Sauce from grilled paprika and whiskey 2,10€
60g Green pepper sauce 2,00€
60g Tartare / Mayonaise 1,60€


180g Pikelets with cottage cheese and raisins 4,10€
200g Thick potato noodles with either poppyseeds or hazelnut 3,90€
180g Chocolate brownie with forrest fruits 4,90€

Prices valid from 01.october 2018
Weight of meat is given in raw state.
Responsible manager Vladimír Krajčovíč
Reservations: +421 907 122 916