The building of  Hotel Jeleň  is located  on  the quadrangular square of saint Michael in Hlohovec close to the left bank on a high terrace above the river Vah which flows south- east to the fertile plains of  Trnava range hills.

The ground plan of the square was based on the medieval town structure plan from 13th -14th century. The square was partially built by German and Slavonic colonists after Tatar´s plundering during 1241-1242.  Especially under the rule of the Anjou family in the 14th century in the Ugrian Empire. The houses of bourgeoisie situated in the square of Hlohovec were mainly built around the parish church of Saint Michael archangel which was fortified by a wall in 17th century. It had been also an active burial place until the half of 18th century. The main square of Hlohovec was a real centre of the town and a meeting point of the Old and New Hlohovec where was weekly held its craft fair and provincial market.

Moreover, one of the side roads of a significant trading route from Trnava to Nitra crossed Hlohovec connecting the bridge of the river Vah (built in 1350) with the hospital and the church of Holy Spirit going up the street around the church of st. Michael archangel and heading to the present -day SNP street and leaving the town through its main gates along the cemetery entrance. The houses surrounding this route including the building of hotel Jeleň were showpieces of the town.