The building of  Hotel Jeleň  is located  on  the quadrangular square of saint Michael in Hlohovec close to the left bank on a high terrace above the river Vah which flows south- east to the fertile plains of  Trnava range hills.



Within written documents about history of Hlohovec this remarkable building had been mentioned only peripherally. Although, it was one of the most magnificent buildings in Hlohovec. It is supposed that it was originally built as a town hall of Hlohovec in 17th century because of its location on the edge of main square leading to the Podzamska street.



The reconstruction of Hotel Jeleň was divided into 3 stages. The first stage began in 2003. The external facade of the building was rebuilt; roof frames and windows were changed. The aim of this stage was to start running the ground floor services and stopped further devastation of the building. This aim was finally met and in the autumn of 2004 the coffee bar and other commercial premises were opened on the ground floor of the hotel.